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Welcome Members!! :D  Empty
PostSubject: Welcome Members!! :D    Welcome Members!! :D  EmptySun Jun 12, 2011 10:01 pm

Hello there new members!!! Very Happy Welcome to Seize the Day Studios!! (or SDS Very Happy ) Here, we will put together MEPs that feature Disney and Nickelodeon cartoons Smile Originally, we were called "Where's Perry Studios" and we were simply a group dedicated to Phineas and Ferb. But because of the low amount of interest towards that fandom, we have decided to broaden our editing content to both Disney and Nick. Though, we still plan to have purely Phineas and Ferb MEPs in honor of our original group. So, without further a due, here are some things to help you get started in the group Smile

First of all, Your all going to need to introduce yourselves Smile To do so, head to this thread ( ) and tell us a little bit about who you are Smile (Such as age, birth date, name, stuff you edit with, hobbies, etc.) Your also going to need t pick a character to represent you Smile To do so, go to this section and leave a thread ( ) And tell us what character you want to represent you Smile (make sure this character is one from a Disney/Nick cartoon, and that no one else has already chosen it Wink )

Next, you can head over to the MEP ideas section, and leave your ideas! ^ ^ But if you plan to post an idea, make sure you post a video from youtube of the song, the "theme" of the MEP (if you wish to have one), and the lyrics. (If the video you posted doesn't already have them.) And please specify if it's a slash/femslash MEP or not. If it is, please indicate that in the thread title. Smile If at least 4 people besides yourself like the idea, and actually say they want to do it, then you may post your idea in the "Open MEP " section Smile

Which leads me to the next point; The open MEP section. Because our group only consists of 11 people, for now, there should only be a maximum of 8 Open MEPs at a time. If there is already 8 MEPs in the Open MEP section, then please wait until one of the MEPs is closed before posting yours. This way, we don't get overwhelmed with MEPs that we'll just end up discarding. And when you post an open MEP, please include a video of the song, lyrics (again, only if they aren't already in the video), Links to the parts, the length of each part, and the theme. When an MEP is full, please move the thread to the "Closed MEP" section, and please include the due date for the parts.

And yes, if you guys are wondering, members CAN host MEPs ^ ^ But, theres a few rules that come along with that. First of all, you are responsible for putting together the MEP, so please keep that in mind. Also, make sure you use the original FULL song instead of trying to piece together the audio from the parts. The full MEP also must be FULL SCREEN, and HD. If you can't do that, please contact one of the admins, and we can work something out. When your done putting together the MEP, please send it to one of the admins, so we can post it on the YouTube account Smile

You should also make sure that the song you choose is APPROPRIATE! It's alright if it has a few minor cuss words here and there, but nothing that contains heavy swearing, OVERLY sexual themes (It's okay if it's smexi-ish, just don't go overboard), or anything that could be thought of as offensive. And also on the subject of content, MAKE SURE THE CARTOONS YOU USE ARE ACTUALLY FROM DISNEY OR NICK! What I mean by that is that there are some cartoons that maybe on the same channel as the disney or nick cartoons, but that doesn't necessarily mean that it's actually from that company. (Shows such as Kid vs Kat, Jimmy Two Shoes, etc. will not be allowed as they are not genuine Disney/Nick cartoons.) This rule is simply being put up because although we wanted the extend the variety of content we use in this group, we still want it to be fairly individual. If you are currently only into one cartoon that fits into those categories, just ask one of the admins, or one of the other members Smile I'm sure we can get you hooked on another show Wink

And if your looking for a specific download, head over to the Download Information area ( http://seizethedaystudios.forumotion./f10-download-information ) there, you can ask an admin or member for a specific download Smile And if you need some basic help, then go the the "Member Help" area where member's can assist other members Smile But if your looking for help on the forum, or something that a meber cannot answer or do, go to the "admin help" area, and we can help you out Wink

You can also check out our forum games, post your fanart/fanfiction, or post your original video in the "fun stuff" section Very Happy

Alrighty, so, You guys also need to make sure that your checking the forum at least one a week and participating in an MEP at least every 2 months. Any inactivity will result in a warning, and if it persists, then it will result in the loss of your forum membership. Sorry to be harsh, but we want to keep this group organized. If you know your going to be gone for a while, but wish to come back afterwards, please contact one of the admins so we know what's going on. And any fighting, insulting, or "trolling" (lmao Razz ) will result in a warning, and then the elimination of you account if it continues.

So, that's about it. Smile Thank you to everyone that has tried out, were all super excited to get started!! ^ ^ Can't wait to get to know everybody!! ^ ^
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Welcome Members!! :D
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